Bosnian cuisine: must-try dishes!

Bosnian cuisine (Bosnian: Bosanska kuhinja) is balanced between Western and Eastern influences. Bosnian food is closely related to Mediterranean and other Balkan cuisines. Many of the traditional dishes have been made from the same recipes for hundreds of years.

We have selected 11 specialties for you to try!


1# Markale

Markale is the name for the Sarajevo City Market.
Markale have been proclaimed a national monument of Bosnia and Herzegovina.

It was named according to the German “Markt Halle”, which literally means “trading space”. In the spacious hall there are stands with a variety of milk, cheeses, cured meats, eggs…

A closed market offering lots of fresh produce from the surrounding villages. You will taste cheeses and cured meats made according to centuries-old recipes.

2# Bosanske pite

Bosnian pie is a dish that is a symbol of Bosnian cuisine.
It is a dough that is stretched out, filled with different stuffing and motto like little snails. The shape of the pie differs depending on the part of Bosnia where it is being cooked.

  • Burek
  • Sirnica
  • Krompiruša
  • Zeljanica
  • Maslenica

3# Bosanski lonac 

Today, Bosnian pot is synonymous with many things, but it was originally a meal of Bosnian miners. It is a combination of meat and vegetables that are cooked for a long time and slowly.

For this originally modest meal, there is no “right recipe” because everyone is the right one. Everyone will put in the pot of meat what they have and eat (beef, lamb, braised, pork) or combine it, and the vegetables are changed depending on the season, with unavoidable cabbage.

4# Begova čorba

Beg’s soup is a kind of soup and a traditional dish from Bosnia and Herzegovina. It is served as a warm appetizer in the form of classic soup with vegetables and chicken.

It is one of the stronger soups of chicken meat with the addition of bay or okra (plants whose leguminous fruits, full of seeds, are used to prepare meals and produce edible oil).

5# Ćevapi

The root of the word ćevap is of Persian origin, meaning fried meat, although there are traces of it that lead even to ancient Greece.

However, ćevapčići are part of the Sarajevo tradition and its culture, so they have long been exclusively associated with Sarajevo, as well as Bosnia and Herzegovina.

Ćevapi have become a recognizable brand all over the world and they have a long way to go.

6# Sarma

Sarma is a dish made of mixed minced or chopped meat and most commonly rice wrapped in pickled cabbage, fresh cabbage or vine leaves.

7# Tarhana

Tarhana, tarana, or as it is called Bosnian trahana, has as many ways of preparation as it calls itself: Sarajevska, Mostarska, Jajčanska, Bihaćka…

Sometimes the dough, as well as other preparation and “assembling” of tarhana, vary from mahala to mahala.

The way of making tarhana soup also has its beginnings in Turkish culinary culture, but dozens of variants of this soup have developed in Bosnia and Herzegovina, as well as throughout the Balkans.

8# Dolma

These are stuffed vegetables that originally originated in the Middle East and surrounding areas, the Balkans, the Caucasus, Russia and Central Asia.

The stuffing may or may not contain meat. It usually contains olive oil, rice or cereal stuffing, very often bulgur, couscous, beans, lentils, raisins or other berries, pine nuts and other nuts.

In either case, whether it is stuffing containing meat or not, the abundant use of herbs, mint, dill, parsley and various spices is common.

9# Klepe

Klepé is a traditional dish served in Bosnia and Herzegovina. Simply put klepe are cooked dough filled with meat. The wedges or kulaks are similar to ravioli, just triangle-shaped and filled with meat.

10# Pura

It is made from boiled corn flour.
Pura used to be considered “poor” food. Today’s gastronomic offer combines this very healthy porridge with supplements that make it a specialty that even the most discerning gourmets can enjoy.

You can combine puru with almost all the foods you normally use in your kitchen.

11# Ja(g)njetina

What makes Jablanica, a town in Herzegovina, recognizable is the roast lamb, which is known globally and attracts tourists from our country as well as from our borders, most often tourists from countries from the Arabian Peninsula, then our diaspora and neighboring countries.

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